About Connect

Connect from ClearPoint has been built by one of New Zealand’s leading software services companies.  Connect is our way of sharing our experiences in building enterprise software using modern approaches to enable Continuous Delivery (CD).  It’s a combination of shared libraries open sourced on Github, and a series of blogs, sharing our journey with the goal of helping you with yours.

The CD Pipeline

As mentioned in our introductory post, CD is not about the tools, it’s about enabling low risk, high frequency software cycles. Below is a diagram of our vision of a CD Pipeline.  We’re big on open source and believe in flexible, lightweight tooling, so we’ve designed the Connect platform so you can pick and choose any relevant components that might be useful to you.  Here’s an overview of what our CD Pipeline looks like.

BUILD SHIP IT! MONITOR IT! We convert all deployable artifacts (Micro-services, web applications etc) to Docker containers then add these containers to our custom docker registry. COMPILE BUILD CVE SCAN UNIT-TEST INTEGRATE TEAR UP/SYNC INFRA DEPLOY LATEST TO INTEGRATION ACCEPTANCE TESTS LOAD TESTS DEPLOY DEPLOY TO QA EXPLORATORY TESTING DEPLOY TO PRODUCTION

The Connect Approach

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